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ExFEST 2013 Winners!

CONGRATULATIONS to our ExFest 2013 winners!

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@ExFEST 2013 (The 8th Undergraduate Film/Video Festival)

Here we are, again!

ExFEST (formerly known as the UGFVF) has been the biggest, most exciting, and fun festival at SAIC. This year, we also have gathered the amazing work of animation and film/video makers from undergraduate and graduate students. The series of programs are carefully curated by ExTV members and our supervisor, in hopes of serving an exhilarating moment to the audience. Prizes go to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, honorable mentions, the ExTV pick and the audience favorite!

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SUBMISSION DEADLINE HAS ENDED Come to ExFest in mid October! More info to come

DEADLINE EXTENDED: All SAIC students are welcome to submit their time-based work to the newly christened ExFest (formerly the Undergraduate Film/Video Festival). Now graduate and undergraduate students can submit! Entries due May 13th, 2013 MAY 27th, 2013 for a festival in early October.

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Knew It Was Spectacular

2D and 3D animators gathered for another CANTV episode, “Animation Spectacular”.

It was first broadcasted on March 11th, and it will be repeated at 11pm on next Monday, April 22.
For this episode, we have work from ExTV’s past archive, some from graduates, and from experimental 3D animation classes. Combining great variety of animation work was a bit challenging in finding relateable contexts. However, what clearly stands out is that they are all taking place in odd environments and they allow us to enter directly to the artists’ imagined world. As the process of making animation is extremely time consuming, we appreciate the artists’ effort that has made this experience available. Some of the technical uses of special effects, puppets, 3D modeling, and hand drawings are the key elements that deserves special attention for this episode.
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Selected pieces from the 7th Undergrad Film/Video Festival have aired on CANTV on March 4th and April 15

Each work contains all different personalities like experimental, energetic, exotic, sensual, and etc. Unfortunately, there is no other date to run this episode again on TV, however, we have it here online! Hope this helps for those who have not had cable access and had no chance to watch it offline. ExTV also wants to remind you this upcoming undergrad film/video festival that is now called ExFEST. There is a separate blog post about this with the awesome poster image. Submit your work for a chance to be aired for next year’s CANTV!

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Celluloid on CAN TV

ExTV’s new season of episodes just aired on CAN TV beginning of March. Student and alumni work was programmed by the ExTV team into six unique episodes, which will continue to air on CAN TV (ch 21, mondays at 11pm) until May 20th. Make sure to catch some of them on public access, and if you don’t have a TV here is your chance!

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Submit proposals for the Neiman Center Video Blocks

Now Accepting Proposals for the Leroy Neiman Student Center – Flex Space

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Review of the Video Installation Works from The 2012 Undergraduate Film/Video Festival

– Featuring works by Margaret Bobo-Dancy and Kayla Anderson

This year, the 2012 Undergraduate Film/Video Festival, ExTV had introduced two thought-provoking and creative video installation works,“Honey Sucklin’” by Margaret Bobo-Dancy and “Artifact/Artifice” by Kayla Anderson. The works were installed near the Columbus Auditorium where the film/video screenings were held. Even after the festival, we noticed that the works were often revisited, still engaging with many people at SAIC. As a reponse to all of the attention, I’d like to appreciate and recall them once again.

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Life is But A Dream

Rescreening of Student Work from the Film/Video Festival

Life is But A Dream program will be screened in McLean 1307 on Nov. 14th at 4:15 pm
If you missed the first screening you’re in luck! Come by and enjoy student work from the festival.
If you didn’t miss it, come again and re-watch your favorite films from the program!
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