Join Us for Our 20th Anniversary Screening at the Gene Siskel!

Can you believe that it’s been 20 years since ExTV was founded? Since 1998, the student-run organization ExTV has been building an archive of SAIC students’ time-based works. Despite the FVNMA department being the second largest department at SAIC, film, video, new media, and animation works have always been underrepresented at various on-campus exhibits. In order to provide more prominence to these works, ExTV focuses on creating a community that not only connects students within the filmmaking community but also familiarizes a broader public outside of school with the moving image medium.

With 20 works from the early 2000s till now, ExTV’s 20th Anniversary Screening takes a look back at the various topics, narrative styles, post-production editing techniques both parallels and at time transcends its respectful technological development. Through genres such as experimental documentary, narrative driven from personal history and cultural traditions, and political satire, the films speak directly to the temporal and spatial context of when they were made.

The ExTV 20th Anniversary Screening will be held on Sunday, November 18, 8pm – 10pm at the Gene Siskel. Dinner and snacks will be served before the screening. Admission is free. To RSVP on Facebook, click here.

Here’s the lineup:

“New Millennium Workout Routine” – Yaloopop
“Neo-Neon” – Hiba Ali
“Translating A Subject” – Marina Miliou-Theocharaki
“Gaze” – Rashayla Marie Brown
“Via Crucis” – Erika Barreto Moromisato
“For My Psychopomp” – Lyra Hill
“Cryptozoological-Genealogical Survey” – Steve Emmons
“Inevitability” – Eunsun Lee
“The Banana Project” – Vicky Yen
“Mondo Stomp” (excerpt) – Julia Zinn
“All Stars” – Jodie Mack
“Harvest Day” – Jihyun Song
“Missed” – Humei Chen
“Copy” – Amelia de Rudder
“We’re Just Walking” – Warren Johnston
“Civil War” – Daaimah Mubashshir
“How to Become American” – Noriko Abe and Taro Hattori
“New Media 6” and “New Media 3” – Michael Miles