DIAAASSPORA: Asian-Pacific Islander Screening 2019 Official Lineup

ExTV and the Asian American and Asian Students at SAIC (AAASS) are thrilled to be collaborating in second year of the Asian-Pacific Islander (API) Screening! To celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we will be screening a selection of 14 works made by Asian artists, discussing a wide range of political, social, and cultural issues. The screening is the first part of a two-day event, DIAAASSPORA, the 3rd annual Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration by AAASS. Food and snacks will be provided for the screening, happening this Wednesday, May 1, from 4:30pm to 5:30pm on the 2nd floor of the Neiman Center.

Four Sections of Poetic Ideogram (2016) – Zoey Wan | 2 min 35 sec

This short video consists of four visual poetries composed based on the deconstruction and metamorphosis of the Chinese characters. Each section focuses on one or more characters, through de/reconstructing their form and radicals, I composed poems based on the reinterpretation of the characters. This is my attempt to reconsider the possibility of the Chinese character translation as an ancient written language. Chinese characters are ideographic as they could be read from a pictorial perspective. Thus the poetic visual reinterpretations of these characters in the short still assimilate their literal meanings.

take a deep breath (2019) – Katherine Zeng | 10 min 39 sec

An experimental narrative and performative documentary about a young girl’s personal struggle towards her anxiety and panic attack. This short translate how anxiety can deeply affects one’s daily life mentally and physically.

2.5D Space (2017) | Xiaoqing Zhu | 2 min 18 sec

A video collage of body-driven performances in city environment.

How To Settle In Between Spaces: A Speculative Supposition In Safety Practices (2018) – Mac N. Do | 6 min 45 sec

When you find yourself thinly stretched between two locations you once called home, you come to realize that you no longer fully belong in either of those spaces. Which leaves you in the middle, suspended between two almost-homes. and it dawns on you that where you are now is kind of nice. and that perhaps…. you could move in here!

Angalo (2019) – Ythan Ponio | 2 min 21 sec

To make this piece I took a human atlas vertebrae, which is the top vertebrae on the spine that holds the head like a globe, and crushed it into powder. I arranged the powder onto a 16mm film strip to look like islands and I recited, in Tagalog, a poem I wrote that bridges mythological gaps between the Greek character, Atlas, and the Filipino Giant named, Angalo, who are both people who lift the skies. Some Filipino folk tales tell a story that explains the origin of white colonizers as the people who left the islands years ago and came back with white skin. Drawing from this myth I wrote a poem about cultural erasure in which a man named Angalo leaves the islands and comes back as a white man named Atlas.

Between Generations (2019) – Anakin Saephanh | 7 min 28 sec

“Between Generations” is a film utilizing cuts from another documentary and other media as a personal expression of my culture and heritage, being Iu Mien, as we emigrated as refugees during the Vietnam war from Laos to America; It is about how we adapted to life here between generations, from the elders, adults, and children who emigrated here back in the 1970s, to me being a native-born here. To get closer to the concept, it’s like sending the text: “Hey mom, what does ‘zang jiem’ mean?” Because I didn’t know what the word meant, because I never learned the language growing up and because being Mien meant that I couldn’t look that word up to find any meaning online. It’s that circumstance of feeling like I could lose my culture and identity through that language barrier becomes the reason for making the piece, and as I microwave my food it is to say that I and others like me still exist to represent it in this era.

Fish Tank (2018) – Haomin Peng | 5 min

Fish tank is both a concept that I am fascinated by and a significant representation of my lost childhood memories. By relating it to rectangles, and then screens and mirrors, I question the act of seeing, watching, and being in this world.

#room3005 (2019) – Alison Kim | 2 min 29 sec

The environment that we choose to live in influences our ability to create. Apartments are pre-built and every unit looks the same. Ultimately, it is the person living inside the home and the objects, that raid this once empty space, that make a house a home.

From Morning Til Night You Will Always Be My Chickenjoy (2018) – Craig Stamatelaky | 3 min 53 sec

Original video ‘Perfect Pairs’ by Jollibee. Original song ‘Umagang Kay Ganda’ by Ray-an Fuentes & Tillie Moreno.

zone_47 (2018) – Siyan Li | 5 min 35 sec

A short video of a dream of a dystopian past. Shot in Beijing.

Higher Faster Stronger (2017) – Zofia Zhang | 2 min 48 sec

Higher Faster Stronger is an animation of Uline catalog cut-outs of chairs, dancing to a morning exercise-routine soundtrack from a Chinese Middle School.

Half n Half Project (2018) – Kenny Zhao | 3 min

This video is the continuing piece from artist SHINLI, who is a couple of artists use the split-frame images to present their affection. By braving the distance, their experience influences young people that human relationship can be in such way, infinite and intimate. And they say “the message inside each artwork becomes stronger as it is reproduced by the audiences”. Is this true? Is art more powerful when it’s not just relatable, but potentially recreatable? Inspired by Artist SHINLI, the concept of using the split frame moving images is taken further. In my work, the friendship is revealed and strengthened through the multiple split frame images. I collect footages from my friends, who used to hang out but currently separate in different countries. However, we continuously share our life moments and story to each other, and at the same time we could somehow cherish the memory of the good old days. With this relationship without any time and place limits, I hope my experience would inspire and guide more people like me.

The Moment of Imbalance (2017) – Ruiyun Ba | 3 min 5 sec

I believe chairs are the most special of all the furniture they have designed our forms when we try to relax. there are many other derivatives of chairs, such as couches and swings. they helped us keep an artificial balance, supporting us when we are tired. over centuries, chairs become a symbol of peace and stability. however, in my works, I am trying to break the traditional image of balanced chairs and hope to explore different people’s reactions when the balance is lost.

Comfort Food (2017) – Leah Silver | 7 min 43 sec

This film explores the theme of home, and connections to home through food. Food and the act of cooking and eating are fundamental and powerful experiences which travel between generations. This autobiographical piece focuses on the motions of dumpling folding and it’s connection to other memories of home in the body.