April 2017 Monitor Programming

      Unmastered Sandin Image Processor Flamingo Beats

Alp Seyrekbasan- 2015

Unmastered Sandin Image Processor Flamingo Beats is an experimental video work by Alp Seyrekbasan. It consists of three elements. First one being on the background is the video footage the artist synthesized using the Sandin Image Processor, on top of it there is the second element, footage of a flamingo walking(& sometimes pecking its feet), and the third final element is the artist’s first ever “beat”, which as the title mentions, is “unmastered”. More of the artists work can be viewed in his website: alpseyrekbasan.com

Wound Up

Grace Palmer- 2015

Inspired by ballerina jewelry boxes, Wound Up visually emulates the issue of societal control of the female body. An appropriated video of a young baton twirler is obsessively cut up and manipulated to create an allegory beneath a jarring watching experience.


Dena Springer- 2014

How to forget?


Dena Springer- 2017

A visual experience.