August 2018 Monitor Programming

August! Time flies quickly once more. Catch our monitors this month, featuring five artists’ works on intimacy, family, and upbringing. Many of these videos feature a valuable and immersive relationship of visual and written storytelling.


when did I last hear the horn of the karang guni man?

Ryan Goh – 2016



Interspersing recollections on personal narrative with architectural facades and obscured characters, “when did I last hear the horn of the karang guni man?” contemplates the projections of cultural loss and personal grief. How do the displaced fragments of memory that remain find refuge in spaces that resonate remembrance?




Jeffrey Austin – 2014



A short, slow-motion film by brothers Jeffrey and Matt Austin playing with ideas of caution and security in the context of personal intimacy. Filmed at the Burren College of Art. Music by Ethan Rose.



some time.

Craig Stam(atelaky) – 2016


some time. is probably a video poem on maybe being able to do something or other at any point in time.



Daily Rituals

Eve Kalugin – 2015



“Daily Rituals” incorporates moving image, text, and field recordings from domestic spaces to compound a sense of impeding pressure from everyday life. Using a structure that interweaves two different psychological spaces, “Daily Rituals” juxtaposes the fast-paced interior dialogue of one’s mind with the slowness of our surroundings.




Alexandra Williams – 2013



A short documentary showing the relationships between my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.