August 2019 Programming

The halls of SAIC are hustling and bustling once again. Ready or not, gone are our summer days but it’s not all frowns and upside downs because we’ve got a great program for you this month. We are mixing and bridging the great divide between teacher and pupil to bring you work made by current and past students that aims to inform! We bring you everything under the sun from horoscopes to movie recommendations to quantum mechanics.

Clark’s Sketchbook

Clark woods

A brief look into Clark’s sketchbook surrounding the theme of “time”.

Modern People Who Work Too Much

Jessie McCarty

Nonlinear video of modern work industries, taken from a quote from Frank Wedekind’s Spring Awakening play.

Neither Nor

Martha Morimoto

Quantum mechanics is the scientific study of how things move at everyday sizes and speeds, and serve a specific purpose. What troubles physicists is the uncertainty of the movements of particles, as it defies logic as well as the laws of mathematics. The controversial issue I am so intrigued by is wave and particle duality. The study has no absolute and definite answer and I am utterly stunned by this. It is hard to believe that the top physicists in the world are unable to answer a question that is so seemingly simple. However, it brings us back to when not everything was known to man and the constant exploration was necessary for mankind. This is what us artists do everyday. We experiment and learn more and more everyday, adapting to the new and yet, embracing the old. It is a constant cycle of knowing and not knowing, and fulfilling the urge to learn more. Through the use of 3D programming, I will heighten the importance of the atomic structure of the world.


Camille Laut

Commentary piece on gender roles as seen on the web through the spectrum of several (dubious) astrology platforms and with the recital of a poem from Alphonse de Lamartine, Les Étoiles as backdrop.

Looking Through the Eyes of Surveillance Camera

Seongbae An

To remind people that their privacy is being invaded by surveillance cameras on a regular basis.


Meejung Soh

DrowZine is a surreal combination of found footage and digital film that provides a look into the profiting of corporations off the self medicating consumer.