Call for Submissions: Public X Access

ExTV presents: Public X Access, a one-hour, streamed public access variety show featuring the work, thoughts, lessons and words of SAIC’s black community. Through this event, ExTV would like to use its virtual platform to showcase public submissions/proposals from the community including but not limited to video/film work, performances, readings, conversations, presentations, interviews, flash lessons, etc. This program is intended to showcase creative work with the spirit and community based power of public access television in mind. Proposals can be for either a live or pre-recorded segment that will air during the show. 

Broadcasted on Twitch, Public X Access will speak to the legacy of the public access broadcasting tradition that seeks to provide community based, run, and programmed television stations in the face of network television, privately owned stations. Historically, public access has been an avenue for broadcasting community grassroots activism, experimentations in film and video, and simply just a space for a given public to use the televisual medium as an accessible communication tool. And while the development of public access in the last several decades has been fraught due to the domination of privatized television stations and networks, what is now a shrinking part of the broadcasting world is taking new forms and encountering new challenges with increased digitization and a shift towards the internet and social media as public communication platforms. 

Submissions and proposals are open to students, alum, faculty, and staff.

Deadline for submissions and proposals: April 12, 2021

Those interested in submitting can fill out our Google form here:

After submissions close, the ExTV team will review submissions and proposals for time and relevance to the program and notify those selected to participate.