Campus Monitors Exhibit: Video Everywhere

ExTV is excited to present videos made by students from Mikey Peterson’s Fall 2018 Video Everywhere class. The following videos will play on ExTV’s monitors between November 29 – Dec 7, 2018.


Internal Frenzy
Meghan Aguayo
“Internal Frenzy” is a short video encompassing a sense of heavy distortion, entrapment, and overall confusion about the space one is physically occupying. It is the third installment in an experimental series dealing with these related topics.

Looking Through the Eyes of a Surveillance Camera
Seongbae An
To remind people that their privacy is being invaded by surveillance cameras on a regular basis.

Bless Zheng
An experiment of light abstractions

Building 8
Yasmin Hadni
This is a tour night back in 2015 of Lugari Hall dormitory which is located in a small town of New York named Tarrytown. This building is one of the oldest dormitory of EF boarding schools, EF bought this building to give accommodation to students between the ages of 14 to 18 years old. I spent 5 months in this dormitory. In this video I try to capture the emotionless and the clinical atmosphere that emerges from this space.

My Love For You is a Cheap Pop Song
Sofia Higgins
The skin (screen) is a fragile container that has been stripped of the border between inside and outside. The nowhere is now nothing but the image, making the very notion of the image void of content

I’m Late
Ji-hoon Jang
This piece is about my irrational fear of being late to class. I imagined one of my teachers being a bunny and unfairly waiting for their students to arrive to class, only to find out they are lazy “brats.” I imagine watching this video in front of the elevator, going to class, might encourage students to be on time

Time Interpretation
Justus White
Displacing spaces and realms through the disruption of time.

Window Meditation
Yujing Ma
Views of different angles of the window on the airplane. During the moment I feel sleepy when I was traveling, this was the subconscious images showing up in my mind.

Motion Sickness
Valentina Pucarelli
Visual representation of motion sickness from the artist’s point of view, using hypnotic related imagery to recreate the feeling of motion sickness, standing still.

The Wonderland
Q Kim
Have you been to “The Wonderland?” The Wonderland is a video by Q Kim which portrays the childhood for adults. People have crave for their childhood although they are grown up. This video reminisces about the childhood for adults.

Boer Ren
Exploring the path of light in a three-dimensional world and how that project on two-dimensional screen.

Gabriel Sanchez
This film focuses on a man not connected to anything around him. The man is just focused solely on his laptop and nothing else matters.

Patrick Stephenson
exit is an experimental video collage combining footage from two separate projects—one old and discarded video, and one in progress short film—the resulting video explores the collision of the two projects visually.

Monthly Horoscope
Nicole Tsai
The most professional monthly horoscope predictions for the students at SAIC.