Campus Monitors Exhibit: Ocular Ambien

ExTV is impressed (and knows you will be too) with the videos made by students from Eric Fleischauer’s Spring 2019 Video Everywhere class. The following videos will play on ExTV’s monitors between April 15 – May 12, 2019.

Ocular Ambien is an exhibition of ‘ambient videos’ that harnesses the creative potential of the multitude of monitors populating our field of vision.  It seems apt that students in a class titled Video Everywhere would be exhibiting their videos everywhere on campus – transforming an array of idle screens into an impromptu micro-cinema located in the vestibules, corridors, and commons around SAIC. 

Xitlalli Sixta Tarin - 2019
Utilizing the porn advert, Xitlalli creates agency and space for
trans women to express their own desires and needs for intimacy.
Steal Away 
Qi Zhang - 2019
a girl steals shoes from a private room and runs away
Momma doesn't Cry
Ashara Renfroe - 2019
Metal Gear Solid, Ninja Edition 
Alex Pare - 2019
Yonatan Yin - 2019
Screensaving Turtle
Raquel Silva - 2019
A Turtle saves the screen whenever you're out of the office.
Manos Dimitrakis - 2019
Abstract forms of natural images
Kate Pritchard - 2019
Cheek to Cheek 
ZiJing Wu - 2019
Ruff House
Janet Xie - 2019
Janet Han - 2019
Thanks for Watching
Shuheng Fu - 2019
An infinite loop presenting a girl putting the accessories on and off.
The ambient video serves the purpose as a temporal sinkhole, blurring
the boundary of time and space, giving a sense of hypnotics and