December 2016 Monitor Programming


Jenny Kljucaric-2013

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-7-01-40-pmWHOOLA-WHO is a bizarre, exaggerated, and humorous exploration into a personal childhood fantasy based on the computer game, The Sims: Vacation, in which you create characters and send them to three different types of relaxing resorts. Playing the game locked away in my basement for days on end, I began to become frustrated with the lack of variety. Where was my Sims’ spectacular volcanic adventure? Where’s the outer space resort? I remember even thinking up a vacation to heaven for my deserving Sims. This video piece is a way of realizing one of the true dream vacations my Sims, and myself, desired. The alienation I experienced, and took comfort in, while playing is referenced in the piece through the lack of human presence as well as the guarded and secretive room space. The deformed audio and physical objects help to break down and reconstruct a childhood memory into existence and also depicts the ridiculous nature of a child’s imagination. The short format of the piece comments on the fleeting quality of this goofy imagination.

Im Ok

Yuliya Osyka- 2015


Xerox animation. The work reflects on ephemerality of psychological upheavals.

Train Spotting

Alexander Hardt- 2013


A young boy imagines his future as he watches both time and trains pass by.

Lincoln Park Savage

Sarah Cowles- VHS Archives


A savage roams the modern day park.

Frost Vapor

Kevin Veselka- 2015


A film about the death of cold, the birth of warmth, and wizards. Made using a combination of digital and celluloid methods.