December 2017 Monitor Programming


Eunhye Shin – 2016 

A human relationship needs time. I need some time to recuperate. In the mean time, I found a cat as an alternative way of building relationship.”

—Eunhye Shin


You Are The Universe

Sophia Hayne – 2017

“He who realizes the absurdity of his existence, must eventually accept these truths by simultaneously denying their potential damnation: embracing the becoming, as one in harmony with the universe.”

—Sophia Hayne



Samuel Snodgrass – 2016

Snodgrass’s piece is an exploration of the architecture and atmosphere of formal spaces, and the subtle nuances that effect them. The actor/artist is interested in how his body and the act of eating can change the understanding of a educational environment. (Filmed at the Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago).


Virtual Escapism

Sally Jo – 2016

Sally Jo’s Virtual Escapism explores the complex feeling of wanting to escape our imperfect reality and finding comfort in the virtual.




Abdullah Quick – 2016

Palimpsest is an experimental animation based documentary piece of an installation piece being created. The piece is created capturing only the motion of the scene and translating that motion into one million individual particles.