December 2018 Monitor Programming

With only a few weeks to go we are approaching the end of both the school and calendar year. But before we wrap this up to take a well deserved break, for this month’s monitor programming we want to make sure to use exclusively new work that was made during the 2018 semesters.

The L Word Hands

Ashlyn Napoletano – 2018


A detail study of physical acting and how popular gay media from the late nineties/early aughts influences culture


Melanin – Take & Cover (Super 8 M.V)

Thaib Wahab – 2018


This music video is a film I produced on black & white super 8 celluloid film which has been digitized and edited to create this narrative. It is an amalgamation of the band’s identity politics which revolves around the concepts of injustices against people of color and their struggles such as the effects of colonization, appropriation, slavery and mass incarceration. ‘Take & Cover’ reminds us to keep dismantling the oppressive power structures by questioning and challenging them in ways to express our understanding and commitment to racial justice.


Golden Gates

Mary Woodward – 2018


A contemplation of how mental illness keeps us from pursuing our dreams.



Daniel Theiler – 2018


The work creates different images that reflect the stereotypes gay men and women commonly are confronted with. The images lead to associations such as femininity, weakness and alienation.