December 2019 Programming

The end, the end approaches! With the stress of finals among us none are spared but yes there it is a light at the end of the dark, cloudy Chicago tunnel. These days might all feel sorta the same and so there’s no better month than this to indulge drastic change. Break out of your rut and do something different. This month’s monitor programming is all about altering the appearance of either a space or a person. Our selections include pimple popping, wig transformations, or some text to image juxtaposition, among others.


Beining Liu

A portrait of mine beginning of a normal day.

A Film Noir

Clark Woods

A dialogue less film thats both an homage to film noir and an exploration of it’s gendered stereotypes, while also being an exploration of gender in itself and as a performance.


Chanhee Choi

The performance will last twenty minutes and take place in the white room, which we will darken. On the wall opposite the bleachers we will project a video of a virtual space similar to the Link’s Hall white room, but embellished with the elements of fantasy that are characteristic of my work. In this virtual space, there will be four armless figures in red, blue, green or yellow, playing a simple game. The virtual figures will be mirrored by the presence of four performers in the white room, who will be costumed to resemble the virtual game-players. They will be pretending to be dead, as their ‘souls’ are living in the virtual space. In the center of the space an 18-inch LED-backlit “button” will be mounted low to the ground. At the beginning of the performance, the video will instruct the audience to press the button, which will change at a touch from white to red, blue, green, or yellow. The music will change and the virtual figure of the corresponding color will then disappear from the video and the performer who it resembles will then begin to dance a choreographed dance in synch with the others, until all four players are ‘alive’. As the performance enters the next phase the performers will dance in a free but subdued way, encouraging the performer who is of the chosen color until the button is pressed again. This process will continue until all four figures have left the video empty, having ‘come to life’. The performers will dance freely, without choreography and the music will change between four originally composed pieces with high energy as many times as the audience press the button. The performer’s armlessness underlines the power of the audience to control the performance. After a gradual crescendo of energy over the course of fifteen minutes, the music will change back to the piece at the beginning and the performers will dance the choreographed dance until their ‘souls’, one by one, return to the video, acting enlivened by their time in our world, and their corresponding performers once again pretend to be dead. Then the space will darken and credits will role in the video to end the performance.


Shuheng Fu

what is beauty…in life?

Daily Rituals

Eve Kalugin

“Daily Rituals” incorporates moving image, text, and field recordings from domestic spaces to compound a sense of impeding pressure from everyday life. Using a structure that interweaves two different psychological spaces, “Daily Rituals” juxtaposes the fast-paced interior dialogue of one’s mind with the slowness of our surroundings.