ExTV Presents: A Familial Halloween

In the shadow of the coming of Halloween, we celebrate this fun holiday with a consideration of family. In what ways do myths, monsters, and fears guide the ways we maneuver our relationships with our parents and our children? This month we highlight two very special videos for a special edition of ExTV Presents. This month’s featured artists are shown as listed:


“Mother and daughter learning how to play Ghost in the Graveyard in the presence of their future graves” – Katie Condon (2013)

A simplistic work that showcases a relationship between a mother and daughter, performing exactly what the title suggests. (@00:08)




 “Lover Boy” – Zia Angry (2010)

For his ninth birthday Myles asks for nothing but wood. With his once vivacious grandmother slowly dying, and his burdened mother struggling for relevance he is constructing the everlasting life he desires. Within this wintry upstate New York world, there are indeed mighty forces at play.

Directed by Zia Anger, written by Billy Feldman, cinematography by Ashley Connor. Starring Jax Gray, Lynn Sher and Sue Ann Cunnlife.