ExTV Presents: A Lament for Shame from ExTV on Vimeo.

ExTV Presents: A Lament for Shame

Representation and storytelling are both critical tools towards pushing for change. In an growing conversation surrounding queerness and LGBTQIA+ people, we have seen numerous amounts of victories achieved both in legislative realms and social realms. Yet, there is still action to be taken and change to be made. In our August Web Program, we highlight three different queer artists delving into abjection, taught shame, false monstrosity, and heartbreak, all in search of a different representation of queer stories. This month’s featured artists are shown as listed:

“Faggot” – Ythan Ponio (2017)


This was a response to my father’s silence towards me after finding out I was gay. I wanted to show a bodily rejection of his prayers of conversion as well as remind myself that his attitudes towards my sexuality are a product of Catholicism being used as a tool of colonization in the Philippines. (@00:10)

“Ciguapx” – Jesus Hilario-Reyes (2018)

A narrative delineating from indigenous (Taino) story telling depicting what we know as the Succubus. As defined as a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men who then eats/kills her prey. The Ciguapa is characterized with long hair and backwards feet. Ciguapx is a queering of this narrative, exploring themes such as queer archetypical representation and its subversion, gender representation, and the Bruja. Teetering with vogue aesthetics and queer nightlife this work seeks to re-imagine a cultural identity. (@07:26)


“Journey” – Ohm Phanphiroj (2017)


Journey is a look into my life as I continue to search for love, lust, and desire. (@16:11)