ExTV Presents: Close Your Eyes

The mind is a separate plane of existence where our subconscious comes out to play. This month is dedicated to three artists’ takes on the surreal landscapes and its connection to the world we live in. This month’s featured artists are shown as listed:

“Are you Real” – Kristina Tokar
A guy falls asleep and his nightmare becomes reality. (0:06)



“foxconn.tv” – Hsin-Yu Lin

foxconn.tv is a seamless video loop that gives you a tour to Foxconn CEO, Terry Guo’s dream. The dream is made up by both utopian and dystopian fantasies, mixing science fiction imaginations of the West with the contemporary reality of Chinese electronic manufacturing industries.

Exhibited at 2016 Crosstalk Video Art Festival, Budapest, Hungary and featured on Vassar Review and Creator’s Project. (@3:17)


“Meanwhile, the Night” – Riley Lynch
Unable to recall his dreams, a man seeks refuge in the home of a desert dwelling woman. (@7:18)