ExTV Presents: Distorted Mobility

Mobility can be limited or expansive and its scope is filtered through personal perspective or the perspectives of others on the individual. It can be both a social rite or detriment. It can also determine a way of life or seeing that is simultaneously in and out of the control of the individual. In this month’s program, we’ve selected works that manipulate the perspective of mobility and movement and/or address larger themes of social mobility in relation to the individual, the artist, and their perspective. This month’s featured artists are shown as listed:

“Holding a Bridge” – Katie Condon (2013)

@ (00:20)

The performer is tested to physical limits as a conversation with the physical DuSable Bridge and its inability to withstand its original purpose, to connect Chicago’s North and South sides. Viewers of the performance had free reign to choose whether to stand by and record or walk away. Documented in 24 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Triggerfinger” – Cooper Collier (2014)

@ (04:12)

An entire roll of Super 8 film shot frame by frame over a two-week period in Chicago, IL.

“Time Interpolation” – Justus White (2018)

@ (09:15)

Displacing spaces and realms through the disruption of time.

“Motion Sickness” – Valentina Pucarelli (2018)

@ (11:28)

Visual representation of motion sickness from the artist’s point of view, using hypnotic related imagery to recreate the feeling of motion sickness, standing still.

“I’d Rather Tour” – Pearl Salas (2015)

@ (13:16)

An insight into the dazes that can happen with traveling from place to place, when life starts to unfold in an interior mobile space. Generated with the Sandin Image Processor. Featuring: Dirty Few//dirtyfew.bandcamp.com/