ExTV Presents: Female Formula

Happy April! Spring is finally here, and we’re celebrating the exploration of the female body in new media, and it ain’t no joke. This month’s featured artists are shown as listed:

“You Can Touch Me Now” – Kayla Cook 
This work compares my body to clay, being sprayed, molded and aroused by a pair of hands. This work explores un-comfort ability surrounding female sexuality and the female orgasm. (@0:04)

“Humanoid” – Avital Meshi
A collection of thoughts inspired by sexuality in virtual-reality, female sex robots, avatar embodiment and the implications that this act may have on the real person. (@6:55)

“Wound Up” – Grace Palmer
Inspired by ballerina jewelry boxes, Wound Up visually emulates the issue of societal control of the female body. An appropriated video of a young baton twirler is obsessively cut up and manipulated to create an allegory beneath a jarring watching experience. (@18:12)