ExTV Presents: Interweb Intimacies

Intimacy is often associated with touch, the body, and can imply spatial constraints, but in the age of the internet, we’ve created unexpected ways to engage intimately with ourselves and others through internet based technology. Intimacy through the medium of the web transforms the spacial, temporal, and corporeal limits of traditional intimacy rendering an entirely new and unique connective, emotional experience. For April’s web program we’ve selected four artists whose work demonstrates and embodies this new form of digital intimacy. This month’s featured artists are shown as listed:


does hate have to exist to love

Madeline Jane Lounsberry


Video performance philosophy.


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Lindsay Hutchens


My mother and I look a lot alike, people have always said so.  I see it, and when mom acknowledges she sees it too she says, “poor thing,” with a laugh and a smile of false modesty.  I was meant to learn how to become a woman from my mother – to mimic, to imitate – but what happens when I do not see myself within the woman I resemble more and more each day?  To share a similar body, but not embody. To see myself so strongly as “other” within a face so similar to my own.

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Yung Narcassis

Jane Rawlings


Documenting self obsession via screen recording.

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Sarah Rooney


An exploration of the interdependent relationship between Internet and User, divulging the synergy between girl and personified, autonomous digital space.

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