ExTV Presents: La fin de l’été

It is often said that the end of the summer is bittersweet, but maybe it is actually the entirety of summer that feels this way? Whether that be the aimless drudge of long hot summer days, filled with nostalgia for past summer adventures and romance or the joy of finally having free time and the endless possibilities to just relax and have fun, the summer is both unbearably long and sadly short. The web program for the month of August highlights works that tap into or resemble the emotional and visual highs and lows of the summer. This month’s featured artists are shown as listed:

Unmastered Sandin Image Processor Flamingo Beats

Alp Seyrekbasan


Unmastered Sandin Image Processor Flamingo Beats is an experimental video work by Alp Seyrekbasan. It consists of three elements. First one being in the background is the video footage the artist synthesized using the Sandin Image Processor, on top of it there is the second element, footage of a flamingo walking(& sometimes pecking its feet), and the third final element is the artist’s first ever “beat”, which as the title mentions, is “unmastered”.


Camilla Fimbres


AfterSchool is a documentary that captures young teens finding solace in camaraderie and the skate life outside of the uneasiness of being young and bored in suburbia. 


Ben Creech


“I took Eternal Sunshine and I looped it” – Jay Electronica

Dark Bubbles

Riley Goss


I threw a GoPro in the lake and this came back.