ExTV Presents: Lost/Found

In the month of May, the works of artists utilizing found footage in both unique and critical ways is highlighted. This month’s featured artists are shown as listed:



UNBELIEVABLE: Teens Hang Out at Malls! (2016)

Ava Threlkel

@ 00:23

“UNBELIEVABLE: Teens Hang Out at Malls!” is a found footage documentary comprised of YouTube-ripped TV tabloid interviews, Utah tourism clips, and a city branding development seminar, exploring intersections of iconography and commerce.


Wound Up (2015)

Grace Palmer

@ 6:19

Inspired by ballerina jewelry boxes, Wound Up visually emulates the issue of societal control of the female body. An appropriated video of a young baton twirler is obsessively cut up and manipulated to create an allegory beneath a jarring watching experience.


Thermographic (2017)


@ 10:39

Manipulating the relationship between explicit content and censorship by means of abstraction, the explicit in Thermographic is transformed into the censored through infrared light. The new image approaches the possibility of the paradoxical embrace of sublime obscenity.