ExTV Presents: Mother Has Arrived

April showers do indeed bring May flowers. Following our last web program, “Female Formula,” we are ready to celebrate Mother’s Day! ExTV would like to give thanks to all the mothers out there, blood-related or not. The works shown in this program address mothers’ impact on their children and relationship between a woman and maternalism. This month’s featured artists are shown as listed:

“Gaze” – Rashayla Marie Brown

“Oxytocin” – Ellie Hall
Love is neurological
Maternal instinct is normal
Intimacy is expected (@4:01)

“(m)other” – Lindsay Hutchens
My mother and I look a lot alike, people have always said so. I see it, and when mom acknowledges she sees it too she says, “poor thing,” with a laugh and a smile of false modesty. I was meant to learn how to become a woman from my mother – to mimic, to imitate – but what happens when I do not see myself within the woman I resemble more and more each day? To share a similar body, but not embody. To see myself so strongly as “other” within a face so similar to my own.
Could I have been a better mother to myself?
I have begun to ask this question with family photos of my mother and I, tangible evidence from the past that complicate memory. Using contemporary technologies of the MacBook Pro and FaceTime camera – a staple in my, and many modern adult child and parent relationships – I mirror my mother in our family photos. (@7:17)

“Of Leaves Unchanged” – Davy Walker
A story of the womb. While the VHS TV shows my personal Ultrasound my parents documented, it also presents a narrative about my best-friend (at the time) who lost his mother to brain cancer in high school. Using cinematic narrative and musical composition taking over as cinematography this is an audio-film. My mother, who was his mother’s best friend, narrates and the story then progresses into my own thoughts as I witness the growth of my little brother who is experiencing the difficulties of bi-polar disorder and makes similar self-destructive choices as my old friend. (@10:58)