ExTV Presents: Nature Narratives

The setting of nature or the immersion of the artist in nature gives way to narrative development that is rich in introspection and grounded by a reckoning with individual or collective memory. Besides the potential effect of nature upon the subject, there can also exist an attention to nature itself, which possesses its own evolving identity, origin, and memory. September’s web program highlights artists who either explore nature as a foil towards personal/collective rumination or as a dedicated and independent subject, or both. This month’s featured artists are shown as listed:

The Tree
Lizi Breit
A brief evolutionary study.

Natural Artificial
Yuan Zheng

Observation of a series of artifacts, landscape and artificial nature, where live or dead animals has detached from its original habitat and context, the relationship between animal and us has been transformed too.

4 Movement and the Birth of the Sun
Nancy Valladares

Produced in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and in Chicago, IL, the short film tells the story of 7 River, a fictional character who encounters the story of her past for the first time by accessing the archive of memories her people stored in Water. Water is the receptacle for their knowledge and cultural memory; it is also their language and their way of life.

The story draws from several cosmologies and creation myths, like the Nahua tale of the 5 suns. I am interested in the role that fiction has played in the formulation of possible realities or futures, but also in the construction of the past. The short addresses a necessity, perhaps a personal one, for an alternate imaginary.