ExTV Presents: Poetic Justice

Are you a poet, and you know it? To kick off 2018, Poetic Justice gives a warm round of snaps to these four artists who express and challenge ideas through the powerful medium of poetry. This month’s featured artists are shown as listed:

“How to Map Memories” – Laura Severson 
My video piece, “How to Map Memories,” is a visual poem in which I represent found places with the closeness of familiarity. I recreate these specific spaces in a different environment in an attempt to remember them more closely. I explore how introspection and nostalgia is present in the documentation of collected walks. The consciousness I find in walking directs me to scan the past for lost information. (@0:11)

“Isthetruthresidinginthestars?” – Camille Laut
Commentary piece on gender roles as seen on the web through the spectrum of several (dubious) astrology platforms and with the recital of a poem from Alphonse de Lamartine, Les Étoiles as backdrop. (@4:31)

“Lip Sync V (Daddy)” – Catie Rutledge
I use my lips as a mark-making tool with which to soundlessly mouth the words to Sylvia Plath’s poem, “Daddy,” across the surface of the glass in front of me. The action depicted is a strange cross between a kiss and an attempt to communicate, something simultaneously affectionate and violent. The work speaks about my father’s suicide through my reworking of a poem I identified with a year after his death. Before I made any work on the subject of his death, I used poems, songs, and works of performance created by others as ways of connecting to my feelings of grief and anger. (@5:34)

“Forward” – Lawrence Pearson
In 2014, there was a 12-mile march in Chicago on Black Friday against excessive use of deadly force by police on unarmed Americans such as Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Laquan Mcdonald etc. Separate protest against black on black crimes and police brutality is included starring Triston Antoine and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with poetry by Safiya James with a speech from The Peace Circle. (@11:00)