ExTV Presents: Through the Looking Glass

In the same vein of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, these following artists delve into their past through VHS and find a strange parallel world. Following our last web program for May, “Mother Has Arrived,” we are celebrating family and childhood through these artists findings of repurposing the documentation of childhood through video. The works shown deal with the self, mirroring between the past and present, and the thanks given to time, family, and ourselves. In addition, ExTV would like to give a special thank you to fathers out there and wish paternal figures all around a Happy Father’s Day! This month’s featured artists are shown as listed:

“childhood conclusion” – Brogan Drissell
The final video in a series of five exploring the documentation of Childhood. (@0:11)

“1996” – Dena Springer
How to forget. (@3:47)

“getting three” – Alyssa Martinez
“getting three” is an exploration of memory through pre-recorded sound and image; what is remembered of the actual moment and what happens to the memory of the absent videographer. (@5:46)

“Apple Jacks” – Christine Janokowicz
there’s no such word as busalooey! [ on vhs ] (@11:14)

“Me & My Boy” – Shy Hamilton
A single father struggles to raise his son in W. Oakland, CA, while battling his demons. (@18:47)