ExTV Staff

Who Are We?

Jesse Tuttle – Station Manager

Jesse Tuttle is ExTV’s Station Manager. He is in charge of managing both online and offline curated submissions and projects. Jesse is currently a senior at SAIC and focuses primarily on new media and it’s place within our culture. If you can hear 80s music coming from the ExTV office it’s probably because of him.


Allison Anne Ramirez – Senior Outreach Coordinator

Allison Ramirez (BFA 2018) is a filmmaker from San Francisco currently based in Chicago. Her work is inspired by the human experience, emotional intimacy, and trauma. Ramirez explores raw emotion such as grief, excitement, and rejection through narrative.


Sabrina Chan – Production Manager

Sabrina Chan is born and raised in New York City and currently a junior. Her work mainly consists of video and sculpture based on new media, both mainly focused on satire and nihilism. As the production manager, Sabrina oversees ExTV’s video production as well as creating online and offline exhibitions from student work.

Diana Ryu – Digital Media Manager

I’m Diana Ryu from South Korea! I’m currently a sophomore in the BAVCS program. I’ve been taking classes in different departments but mostly been focusing on film and trying to create film installations.