ExTV Staff

Meet the ExTV Team!

Fernanda Carvalho - Station Manager 
Instagram - @fernandacarvalhoart

Fernanda Carvalho is a Brazilian artist based between Chicago and New York City. She received an Associate’s Degree in Studio Arts – Photography from Borough of Manhattan Community College and is currently a third-year undergrad at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She works mainly with photography, moving-image, performance, and installations. Her work addresses a variety of topics including social, political, and cultural issues, mental health, and human behavior analysis.

Liz Seonwoo - Production Manager
Instagram - @official_kerberus

Liz Seonwoo is an expressive movement and visual artist who explores many different materials, from physical art forms such as dance, action photo, and videography to virtual platforms, 3D graphic animations. She values intimacy between audiences and my works. She believes in the authenticity of embracing her own vulnerability. There is nothing more beautiful than learning about own self. Especially as a female artist, she experienced that society boxes her into beauty and passive captivity conventions.  The artist believes in power and beauty that a female artist fearlessly shows her vulnerability through her art. She discovers and converts her organic feelings into a synthetic art form: her own artistic visual language, a video with motion graphics, 3D animation, and live-action dance performance. She brings the abstract study of feelings into reality. She helps viewers experience their instant connection towards her work and their physical and mental participation.

Dylan Benjamin - Promotions Manager 

Texas. AV & animation. Chronic procrastinator

Clark Woods - Archive Manager 
Instagram - @art.cowboy

As an artist, Clark self identifies as a “Genderqueer Cowboy-Cyborg”, an amalgamation of the different facets of their work. Genderqueer – in reference to the constantly evolving ideas of gender, self expression, and internal and external weirdness; Cowboy – in reference to the performativity and roughness of their work; Cyborg – in reference to the technology, without which the art would not exist, a component that is virtually engrained in their being. These themes combined in different intervals and matched with the various mediums of video art, performance, virtual 3D (animations and stills), video games, net art/web art, and augmented reality to create their work. 

Carrie Ruckel - Staff Advisor 

Carrie Ruckel is the Staff Advisor for ExTV and Free Radio, as well as the Manager of Student Media and Training. Her background is in art and video making with a BFA from SAIC and an MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Art. Carrie has experience working in small film and video productions, television, and broadcast journalism. Prior to working for SAIC, she worked for Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV), making original content for their channels, working in several different genres including live-broadcasts, interviews, talk shows and performances, etc. She often focused on covering arts and culture events in the City. At SAIC, Carrie guides the student-led organizations ExTV and Free Radio in both traditional and alternative ways of showcasing and working with media and oversees training on certified equipment from the Media Center.