ExTV Staff

Meet the ExTV Team!

Fernanda Carvalho - Station Manager 
Instagram - @fernandacarvalhoart

Fernanda Carvalho is an interdisciplinary Brazilian artist based between Chicago and New York City. She works with film, photography, performance, writing, books, and installations. Her work addresses topics including social, political, and cultural issues, with emphasis on Latinx studies, mental health, surrealism, and human behavior analysis.

Her work has been featured in film festivals in Italy, Sweden, and Panama as well as in annual film festivals at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and in “My Dreams These Days,” a 12-hour film and music festival in Chicago. She has showcased work in exhibitions at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Borough of Manhattan Community College, and Bronx River Art Center in New York; and she has done research on synesthesia and film for the Beacon Conference 2021.

Clark Woods - Archive Manager 
Instagram - @art.cowboy

As an artist, Clark self identifies as a “Genderqueer Cowboy-Cyborg”, an amalgamation of the different facets of their work. Genderqueer – in reference to the constantly evolving ideas of gender, self expression, and internal and external weirdness; Cowboy – in reference to the performativity and roughness of their work; Cyborg – in reference to the technology, without which the art would not exist, a component that is virtually engrained in their being. These themes combined in different intervals and matched with the various mediums of video art, performance, virtual 3D (animations and stills), video games, net art/web art, and augmented reality to create their work. 

Jude Silvertree - Production Manager
Instagram - @calcinosis

Jude Silvertree is an interdisciplinary artist who specializes in video. Jude’s video work explores mental landscapes through the use of appropriated video and visual distortion. They aim to confuse, amuse, and disquiet their audience through a combination of heartfelt subject matter and bizarre visual humor. Jude is heavily influenced by their own multi-faith upbringing as well as psychology and psychiatric practices and explores these dynamics not only in their art practice but in their daily life. 

BJ Allen - Staff Advisor 

BJ Allen is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and curator. They love fussing with machines, mentoring students, and learning new things, especially about science, history, and aforementioned machines. BJ identifies as a non-binary, creative, politically active, fun-loving, nerd. BJ earned their MFA in interdisciplinary arts and media from Columbia College Chicago in 2016. Professionally, they have dressed up as a bunny and played guitar, managed millions in investment portfolios, and taught many Chicago citizens how to make videos.