ExTV Staff

Who Are We?

Jesse Tuttle – Station Manager

As ExTV’s station manager, Jesse oversees the team’s day to day operations, such as checking the status of new online and offline programs and coordinating ExTV-sponsored activities, such as ExFest. Jesse is currently a senior at SAIC and focuses primarily on new media and it’s place within our culture. If you can hear 80s music coming from the ExTV office it’s probably because of him.


Wayne P. Tate – Outreach Coordinator

As the outreach coordinator, Wayne curates the campus monitor programs and is responsible for maintaining the ExTV’s brand at SAIC. Wayne manages the social media outlets and makes sure the site is always up to date.

Sabrina Chan – Production Manager

Sabrina Chan is born and raised in New York City and currently a junior at SAIC. Her artwork mainly consists of video and found object, which are mainly focused on satire and materialism, respectively. As the production manager, Sabrina mainly oversees ExTV’s video production curates online and offline exhibitions from student work, as well as maintaining the team’s schedule and organizing upcoming events.

Diana Ryu – Digital Media Manager

Diana Ryu is from South Korea and currently a junior in the BAVCS program. She has been taking classes in different departments but mostly been focusing on film and trying to create film installations. As the digital media manager, Diana makes sure that all student submissions to ExTV are received and archived. She assists with in-house file management and backs everything up, making sure our database is up to date.

Kristina Tokar – Production Assistant

Kristina Tokar is a sophomore at SAIC, from South Florida, with a strong focus in Film, Video, and Animation. She is interested in using the personal to emphasize and highlight the beliefs, problems, and prejudices of society as a whole. Her work explores topics that effect thought processes and identity such as relationships for example family and friends, popular and counterculture, and significant experiences such as coming of age. As the production assistant, Kristina helps the team by documenting events, fine-tuning aspects of projects in motion, and coming up with new ideas for projects in the seeable future.