February 2019 Monitor Programming

This month we wanted to keep it lighthearted. We felt that these type of works don’t always get the credit they deserve so for this curation expect to find yourself smiling, laughing out loud, and relating!


Attending an art school is not easy

Chia En Chen


The video is about some shared experiences we all have in school as an art student.



Ava Threlkel


(no 2) snowflakes (r the same) explores the idea of magical girl transformation sequences through video heads. Created at Ox Bow in the summer of 2016.



Stach Zagorski


A karaoke video of me, dancing


I’m Late

Ji Jang


A bunny is late to class. He arrives just to find out his students are even later.



Selden Paterson


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Patcharida Smittinet


Bichi&Opel Selfies