February 2020 Programming

Now that we’re all officially back from the big Winter break and starting some new classes, it seemed like the ideal time to showcase works that fall under the umbrella theme of travel. Perhaps you went abroad or perhaps you didn’t make it farther than your fridge but either way these works should be of interest while you perhaps are waiting for our iconic elevators to show up.

Uncanny Valley

Anastasia Nesbeth

Uncanny Valley portrays a surreal adventure that revolves around inter-dimensional travel and discovering various versions of yourself in multiple universes and realities.

Through The Peephole

Tim Grover

Through The Peephole is a meditation on estrangement. The film is constructed as a journey between remembered past and perceived reality.

The Overturned Palette —- Puerto Rico

Kenny Zhao

They said Puerto Ricco is a place where God spill the color palette. I agree with this idea. You will never reach that peace and harmony til you really see the sight here.

Moments of Bahamas

Kenny Zhao

After the Spring semester 2019, some SAIC students and I organize a trip to Nassau, Bahamas. This is the video consists of the joy moments we spent in Bahamas.

In pieces

Ashley Liu

This is a frame by frame sand animation about fragmented consciousness.