Hummingbirds Don’t Sing for Bees


Hummingbirds Don't Sing for Bees


Allison Anne Ramirez (BFA 2018) is a filmmaker from San Francisco currently based in Chicago. Her work is inspired by the human experience, emotional intimacy, and trauma. Ramirez explores raw emotion such as grief, excitement, and rejection through melodramatic narrative.

This event will be the premiere of her directional debut short film Hummingbirds Don’t Sing For Bees; a story about heartbreak based on truth. Prelude to Hummingbirds will be two other short films by Ramirez, along with a spoken word piece performed live by Ramirez.

MacLean 1307 Screening Room
Friday February 17th 2017

**~refreshments will be served~**

Hosted by ExTV

Hummingbirds Don’t Sing For Bees
Harry Warnaar
Jordyn Therriault
William Delforge

Aden Solway, Andrew Vo, Anita Bhardwaj, Antoinette Bitton, Ariel M Chen, Ava Threlkel, Chengfeng Bao, Jabari Jefferson, Laura Kolber, Leah Corbin, Lily Hernandez, Olivia Cole, Poppy Xing, Shan Lu, Stefan Głowacki

Boy Cloud 
Samuel Snodgrass

Cloud Conscience
featuring art by Claire Ashley
Andrew Vo & Allison A. Ramirez & Ava Threlkel