January 2020 Programming

As temperatures drop and we all return from break to prepare for the beginning of spring semester, you might be craving some comfort food to help tide you over. These videos all explore the deep and undeniable human connection to food. Whether you personally prefer to play with your food, reminisce with it, or imagine surreal landscapes inspired by it, we are sure you will be able to connect with the theme of this month’s monitor programming.

Comfort Food

Leaf Silver

This video piece is a bitter-sweet gesture to the importance of food in constructing an identity of home. The idea of home and longing for comfort are reflected in the literal nourishment of one’s body with food as well as a longing for physical comfort through the sense of touch.


Lo Thomas

This piece was created to take the viewers into a surreal mindset, and surround them with bees even though only a human body is present.

Making Dinner

Natia Ser

Dinner is made…or is there something more?

Lobster Phone

Nick Adams

The second Installation in the DrowZine series! Introducing Lobster Phone: A parody commercial that plays on the absurdity of corporate advertisements, “Five Stars” -SkyMall Magazine “I’m not giving you a quote about your Fake product” -Chicago Police “Look at that lobstery boy” -Gracie DeVies “Absolutely absurd” -Claire Ashley

beet me up

Paige Alexander

An odd miracle takes place in a garden.


Rachel Madrigal

A coffee trying too hard.