January – February 2018 Monitor Programming

Welcome back to school! New year, new work! Alas, our lineup for January and February:



Lawrence Pearson – 2015 

Forward is a video that serves as documentation of the 2014 12-mile march in Chicago on Black Friday against excessive use of deadly force by police on unarmed Americans such as Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Laquan Mcdonald, etc. Separate protest against black on black crimes and police brutality is included starring Triston Antoine and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with poetry by Safiya James with a speech from The Peace Circle.



Do you wanna play with me?

Shuang Guo – 2017

“The dreams of a little girl with a wild imagination are always of the avant garde and absurdly obtuse. This can prey on a little girl’s mind—pushing her to seek the attention and affection of others to quell her loneliness.  This girl may have many friends in her fantasies, but seeking that same admiration from those in her real life is much harder. She retreats into her mind, and starts to blend the line between fantasy and reality. Out of fear of isolation, loneliness and rejection, she becomes afraid of everyone—and everything. She wishes to never grow up, and turn the power she has over her dreams and imagination over to the world. This turns her emotions inside out—pushing her to act on anger and evil just as much as love, peace and purity. She is me, and she is you—for we may live without candy and toys, but we can never find our lost innocence.”
—Shuang Guo



Raising the Flag

Emily Anderson – 2007

In Raising the Flag, Anderson personifies the American Flag as an animate character capable of their own agency. By placing the flag character in a series of different locations and compositions, Anderson creates nuanced and complicated conversation surrounding the flag of the United States of America.


Alien Food

Genie Hong – 2016

In Alien Food, Astro Chef, the great explorer, takes us on journeys to faraway places through exotic dishes. This time it’s ZHA JIANG MIAN!



Strong Man

Isabelle McGuire – 2017

Strong Man is a collaborative video between Brit Pack and Isabelle McGuire.


What is Love?

Mikey Wang – 2017

What Is Love? is a piece by Mikey Wang examining the stages and difficulties of love.