July 2016 Monitor Programming

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Sophie Loloi, Johana Moscoso, Diandra Miller, Nancy Valladares – 2014

Fragile Interactions is a collaboration in Video and Performance, exploring the commonalities in feminine gestures. From archetypal imagery to contemporary absurdity, this video flirts with the representation of power and the hierarchy placed upon women. Three female performers illustrate these dynamics through abstracted movements and choreographed compositions of gesture, sound and gaze. The ocean is used as a background to relate to our actions towards mythological conceptions of femininity relating to nature and magic. The Egyptian goddess Isis is a main source of inspiration for this piece, as we pull from the mystic border between power and submission. The narrative and symbolism behind the goddess represents ideal maternity and partnership of marriage. Isis was also worshipped for her magical powers and influence over natural cycles. Mirroring these ideas, Fragile Intersections mystifies the image of femininity with the use of visual symmetry, isolation, and spatial depth.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.24.17 AMFUTURA

Cindy Zhang – 2016

What does it mean to propose a “more appropriate” dwelling for us in the future? When a solution becomes a style, when a supposedly continuing exploration ends with an answer, when our surrounding space challenges and manipulates our visions and behaviors against out previous experiences, what would it mean and what would it take us to stay at the present, travel to the future or revisit the past? Within the world of Maya 3D modeling, I willing to interpret the worlds within the worlds.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.24.33 AMNEITHER NOR

Martha Morimoto – 2015

Quantum mechanics is the scientific study of how things move at everyday sizes and speeds, and serve a specific purpose. What troubles physicists is the uncertainty of the movements of particles, as it defies logic as well as the laws of mathematics. The controversial issue I am so intrigued by is wave and particle duality. The study has no absolute and definite answer and I am utterly stunned by this. It is hard to believe that the top physicists in the world are unable to answer a question that is so seemingly simple. However, it brings us back to when not everything was known to man and the constant exploration was necessary for mankind. This is what us artists do everyday. We experiment and learn more and more everyday, adapting to the new and yet, embracing the old. It is a constant cycle of knowing and not knowing, and fulfilling the urge to learn more. Through the use of 3D programming, I will heighten the importance of the atomic structure of the world.

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Cory Feder – 2014

A girl with ghost problems can only find hope through a painful rescue.