July 2018 Monitor Programming

Happy July! Another summer month, another round of videos for our campus monitors!


Computer Love

Laura Callier – 2016



Computer Love seeks to explore the intimate relationships we develop with our computers. Maybe you’ve seen “Her” by Spike Jonze, which delves into the emotional relationship that can develop with technology. But what about a technological relationship based on more carnal desires? Today, it’s not about your pleasure, it’s about your laptop’s pleasure. Computer Love also seeks to emphasize the artificiality in beauty…to amp up a connection to your computer’s artificial intelligence. Music composed by Laura Callier at the Acre Sound Studio. Filmed by Jaime Meyer at Guest House Motel.




Stach Zagorski – 2017



A broadcast to be sent to the extraterrestrials on our thoughts and studies about them.




Nick Flaherty – 2016


Computer generated hallucinations are distributed through mobile phone applications. Digital media consumption becomes indistinguishable from religious experience. The individual dissolves into the Cloud.



Transmolecular Uploading

Richard Moreno – 2016



A radical group tries to upload their consciousness to the Internet.




Zixin (Cindy) Zhang – 2015



What does it mean to propose a “more appropriate” dwelling for us in the future? When a solution becomes a style, when a supposedly continuing exploration ends with an answer, when our surrounding space challenges and manipulates our visions and behaviors against out previous experiences, what would it mean and what would it take us to stay at the present, travel to the future or revisit the past? Within the world of Maya 3D modeling, I willing to interpret the worlds within the worlds.