July 2019 Monitor Programming

Through a variety of lenses and media, these selection of works are navigating the human experience. What is unique about our experience, if anything? 

Walking Nightmare

Michael Karp

The world of a dream and the dangers within it.


Chanina Katz

There is an emptiness inside tim, but he doesn’t know whether it is because he is hungry or lonely.


Kim Renaise

An iteration by Danill Kharm’s A Dream.

Eating/Colors: Pierre

Elizabeth Van Loan

The eating of ribs, in front of purple. 

Gotta Go

Jiyoon Yoon

This is Gotta Go K-pop dance cover by our SAIC Dance team, DUCKIZ. Me as a videographer in this work, I tried to visualize how can the music, dance, the camera works, and visual effects can be harmonious. 

Perversion: A User’s Manual

Adrian Garcia

Just a nightmarish vision of human priorities