June 2018 Monitor Programming

Happy June! ExTV hopes everyone has been having a great beginning to the summer! This month our monitor programming is filled with summer joy and appreciating stagnant and static moments. Like enjoying the weather or the sights, these works focus in on the little things.

Enjoy these great works! Don’t forget to submit your works to us for ExFest 2018!


Love In July

Jessie McCarty – 2016


An experimental film on Love. 



For you, from me; small moments in time

Mona(Xe)Sophia_ – 2017


“Life possess an intrinsic beauty accessible to us all. We are iridescent, effervescent, in bloom and growing. Take a step back, focus on the moment, and reflect. Gaze upon your life in wonder and awe. Know beauty rests glowing on your fingertips, perceptibly palpable, for beauty is woven into the fabric of the universe. We are surrounded by its warmth.
I hope to show you the moments of beauty I experience in my life – moments of contemplative solitude, moments that make my life worth living. When I am mindful and when I am grateful, these moments of beauty arise, and I feel life’s beauty most intensely.
By recreating and sharing my experiences of beauty with you, I hope to emphasize the profundity of mindfulness and reflection. Moments of beauty play significant roles in our lives because they are transformative: we become peaceful in the face of beauty, soothed and relieved we can learn to recognize and appreciate life’s intrinsic goodness. By experiencing the beautiful, we thrive in harmony with the universe.”




Gwyneth Anderson – 2007


Stop-motion animation of various nature-derived & non-nature-derived objects interacting in the woods of Oxbow School of Art.



How To Map Memories

Laura Severson – 2017


How to Map Memories, is a visual poem in which Severson represents found places with the closeness of familiarity.

“I recreate these specific spaces in a different environment in an attempt to remember them more closely. I explore how introspection and nostalgia is present in the documentation of collected walks. The consciousness I find in walking directs me to scan the past for lost information.”




Ayse Idil – 2013


A photograph that loops forever.