Accepting Integration: Three Works by Karelia Malin

Karelia Malin creates a solid and dynamic alternate reality using video, found super 8 footage, and puppet animation. She crafts these personal worlds with a collage of different mediums, bringing them together in way that, rather than marking their differences, makes an argument for their fluidity. Check out AN INTRODUCTION, where Malin’s images morph in and out of one another, revealing the hand of the artist and the artistic process, much like Picasso’s glass paintings in Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Mystery of Picasso.

This show is curated by Justus W. Harris, who is a BFA/BAVCS focused in sculpture and performance, in addition to research in advertising, architectural phenomenon, and the psychological implications of emerging digital technologies.

AN INTRODUCTION (3m, mixed media on video, 2008)

SATURDAY (2m excerpt from a 5m piece, mixed media, 16mm, 2009)

SCHISMATIC (5m, mixed media on 16mm, 2008)