ExTV Presents: Kitten Party!

You are cordially invited to Kitten Party!

Kitten Party! is a celebration of cats, kitties, and kittens!

Featuring videos by

Allison Ramirez with Misty & Phil

Jon Cates with Dobby

Sarah Rooney with the Harmony House for Cats in “i work in cat paradise :-)”

Rebecca Frass with Cowboy Dan in “Ode to Acid Kitty”

Ava Threlkel with Tofu & Maris

Exal Iraheta with Ezra in “Ezra’s Morning”

Remy Robin with Sabina & Sativa

Zhiyuan Yang in conversation with her father in “My cats”


Looking for a kitty in your life? Check out the Harmony House for Cats, Chicago’s Eco-Friendly Cageless No-Kill Adoption Center for Cats here!