March 2018 Monitor Programming


I’d Rather Tour

Pearl Salas – 2015 

An insight into the dazes that can happen with traveling from place to place, when life starts to unfold in an interior mobile space. Generated with the Sandin Image Processor.
Featuring: Dirty Few



4 Movement and the Birth of the Sun

Nancy Valladares – 2016

Produced in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and in Chicago, IL, the short film tells the story of 7 River, a fictional character who encounters the story of her past for the first time by accessing the archive of memories her people stored in Water. Water is the receptacle for their knowledge and cultural memory; it is also their language and their way of life. The story draws from several cosmologies and creation myths, like the Nahua tale of the 5 suns. Valladares is interested in the role that fiction has played in the formulation of possible realities or futures, but also in the construction of the past. The short addresses a necessity, perhaps a personal one, for an alternate imaginary.




Nicole Swardenski – 2015



Tian Yang – 2016

Yang’s Spring explores Yang’s feelings of living in Chicago during the Spring. It is the second video in a series. “The loop goes on and on, until I find the truth,” Yang writes.




Sabrina Chan – 2017

Just a fun take on your favorite screensaver.