March 2019 Monitor Programming

What do all of these works have in common? They all concern the act of looking or being looked at.

Face to Face with Myself

Barry Nolan

A study of an alter ego of myself.

Window Meditation

Yujing Ma

Views of different angles of the window on the airplane. During the moment I feel sleepy when I was traveling, this was the subconscious images showing up in my mind.

Natural Artificial 

Yuan Zheng

Observation of a series of artifacts, landscape and artificial nature, where live or dead animals has detached from its original habitat and context, the relationship between animal and us has been transformed too.

I Sold a Million Mirrors in a Shopping Alley Way / But I Never Saw My Face In Any Window Any Day

Natalie Costello

If I was not in my body and a gallery was my mind.


Cooper Collier

A deep, prolonged look.