May 2019 Monitor Programming

How do you think about space? This month’s monitor program features a roster of artists re-contextualizing what space means via different lenses such as time, the self, distortion, relationships, and more.

reflect passing

Birdie Brachbill

A piece reflecting what the word passing means in a transgender/non-binary context.

Competitive Portals

Matthew Cobaugh

Digital distortion and video synthesis work by Matt Cobaugh

Half n Half Project

Kenny Zhao

This video is the continuing piece from artist SHINLI, who is a couple of artists use the split-frame images to present their affection. By braving the distance, their experience influences young people that human relationship can be in such way, infinite and intimate. And they say “the message inside each artwork becomes stronger as it is reproduced by the audiences”. Is this true? Is art more powerful when it’s not just relatable, but potentially recreatable? Inspired by Artist SHINLI, the concept of using the split frame moving images is taken further. In my work, the friendship is revealed and strengthened through the multiple split frame images. I collect footages from my friends, who used to hang out but currently separate in different countries. However, we continuously share our life moments and story to each other, and at the same time we could somehow cherish the memory of the good old days. With this relationship without any time and place limits, I hope my experience would inspire and guide more people like me.


Harrison Wyrick & Parker Davis

A young man struggles with the conflicts with suburban life, such as big games, big dads with big expectations, and girlfriends. Made with my Dad and friends over the summer.

How To Settle In Between Spaces: A Speculative Supposition In Safety Practices

Mac Do

When you find yourself thinly stretched between two locations you once called home, you come to realize that you no longer fully belong in either of those spaces. Which leaves you in the middle, suspended between two almost-homes. and it dawns on you that where you are now is kind of nice. and that perhaps…. you could move in here!

Urban Scenes

Lingyu Zeng

animation, objects performance to present the urban life


Shuheng Fu

Adding caption words to a real life scenario to augment and/or suggest the joy in mundane life.