Media Practices Discussion

Media Practices: The Moving Image, Mondays, FVNM 2000, Spring 2010

Instructors Lori Felker & Melika Bass ask the students some questions about their readings.

Our Film Video New Media Department’s “Media Practices: The Moving Image” course introduces students to the language and history of the moving image as well as a variety of media making methods.  It is the gateway course to the department, often serving as the students’  first exposure to media studies/making. We began our semester with some readings:

Roland Barthes’ “Leaving the Movie Theater”
David Antin’s  “Video: The Distinctive Features of the Medium”
John Baldessari’s “TV (1) is Like a Pencil (2) Won’t Bite Your Leg”

This post is an open space for our class to react to these readings.  The class has to directly answer the questions below, but anyone is welcome to jump in and add to the discussion, respond to comments, or depart on a tangent.

To start it off, here are some questions… (answers should total at least 200 words)

1. Out of these three articles, highlight one statement/idea you DON’T agree with.  WHY? Give evidence from your own experience or another text/work to support your claim.

2. Choose another statement that forced you to change your mind/ see something differently. How so?  Explain…