November 2018 Monitor Programming

As the weather dips back down to its Chicago norm we are all spending more time inside, so for this November we’re covering some maybe too familiar territory in celebration of the coming winter. All of us filmmakers are also no doubt about it stressed and plagued – maybe not now but soon will be – with an undeniable artist’s block. What are we supposed to film? What is it possible to film (when it’s twenty below outside)? For this month, we’ve answered the unanswerable. What else or more relevantly who else are we spending more time with, now that we’re stuck inside, than with our pets? So for this month’s monitors, ExTV is focusing on animals so if you’re stuck get inspired! If you don’t have animals, find one like Hannah Schiff did with their piece Don’t fuck with Birds or become the animal (insect) like Hannah Hirsekorn did with their piece Here I go!


Egg Game

Richard Medina – 2018


What are the rules of the egg game?


Here I Go

Hannah Hirsekorn – 2017


Roly Poly social anxiety


I work in cat paradise 🙂

Sarah Rooney – 2016


All of my friends are cats! Follow the short adventures of Tarot, Mrs. Norris, Alice, and many more!


Fluffy walking in the Forest

Kim In Young – 2018


Short animation


Don’t fuck with Birds

Hannah Schiff – 2015


This is a video I made for my core final. A found bird ended up with a harsh punishment.



Eunhye Shin – 2016


A human relationship needs time. I need some time to recuperate. In the mean time, I found a cat as an alternative way of building relationship.