November 2019 Programming

Similarly to the sentiment “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” just because you can doesn’t mean you’ve got to. To color or to not color is the age old question causing rifts, disputes and outright wars between production crews since color was invented in the 1930s. Is a black and white palette a timeless classic or antiquated? Is it a cheap trick? I’m not here to say one way or other but I am here to provide several contemporary examples of artists using black and white. Choose your side wisely.


Beining Liu

A fight of sands.

The Patient and The Doc

Jabari Jefferson

Inner Pep Talk is a short video piece focusing on the internal emotional frustration of an anonymous character. My focus for this piece was to use lighting and sound to illustrate the fluctuating stages of dealing with inner frustration from the initial climax anger to the calming of the mind. Inspired by Marco Brambilla’s ‘Ghost’.

Melanin – Take & Cover (Super 8 M.V)

Thaib Wahab

This music video is a film I produced on black & white super 8 celluloid film which has been digitized and edited to create this narrative. It is an amalgamation of the band’s identity politics which revolves around the concepts of injustices against people of color and their struggles such as the effects of colonization, appropriation, slavery and mass incarceration. ‘Take & Cover’ reminds us to keep dismantling the oppressive power structures by questioning and challenging them in ways to express our understanding and commitment to racial justice.


Xinyu Li

This video shows the places where I am able to see apparitions in my dreams. These scenes don’t show up often, but when I see them, I know my mood is generally chaotic and uneasy.


Yonatan Yin

At the heart of this project was an attempt to create a portrait of all our lives, and that goes towards not just ‘us’, but life in general. That being the case, I took a more abstract approach; our means of how we continue to be. Cause what levels the playing field of existence more than consumption? Then the circle or life became a no brainer. Especially in an age where everything suits our needs a bit too well, and stuff comes pre-packaged and processed to meet our ends, I wanted to show it more under a neutral light. A sober light that reproduces the nuances that we may miss in our daily tumult. And that’s what the ring is, life bearing live, a commitment, the eternal feud, a circle.