October 2016 Monitor Programming


Limited Time Only (Order Now)

Craig Stam & Koy Suntichotinun – 2015

A colorful parody of television “Order Now” advertisement.



Qulim Kim & Seuil Chung – 2016

A solo performance piece experiencing the emotions of not being in control of one’s self.


Hivyo Tete

Darryl Terrell – 2016

Hivyo Tete (Swahili for So Fragile) Coming from the social media hashtag #MasculinitySoFragile. Depicting black men who are often looked at as hyper masculine, strong, etc; as some other. Black men, as well as men in general can have a softer side with emotions. This is the artist way of saying it’s ok for men, specifically black men, to feel weak at times.


Marry Had A Little Lamb

Zhiyun Yang- 2016

A animated adventure following a little lamb in a surreal word.