October 2017 Monitor Programming

Bippy and the Bug

Ariel Chan – 2015

In Chan’s animation, Bippy is a little robot living in a computer who does his best to figure out a strange error in the system. Relatable to anyone who has been frustrated by technical difficulties, “Bippy and the Bug” is Ariel Chan’s graduating film from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (class of 2015).



Neither Nor

Martha Morimoto – 2015

Quantum mechanics is the scientific study of how things move at everyday sizes and speeds, and serve a specific purpose. What troubles physicists is the uncertainty of the movements of particles, as it defies logic as well as the laws of mathematics. In Neither Nor, the controversial issue Morimoto is so intrigued by is wave and particle duality.

“The study has no absolute and definite answer and I am utterly stunned by this. It is hard to believe that the top physicists in the world are unable to answer a question that is so seemingly simple. However, it brings us back to when not everything was known to man and the constant exploration was necessary for mankind. This is what us artists do everyday. We experiment and learn more and more everyday, adapting to the new and yet, embracing the old. It is a constant cycle of knowing and not knowing, and fulfilling the urge to learn more. Through the use of 3D programming, I will heighten the importance of the atomic structure of the world.”

—Martha Morimoto




Kelsey Velez – 2016


In Velez’s piece, frantic colored cutouts compete and collide atop a frisky gridded field.




Corey Mahaney – 2015


Mahaney’s film Release explores imagery inspired by music, hallucinations, and dreams. Release is a film about the inexplicable.




Sabrina Chan – 2017



In this piece, Sabrina combines found footage of old American commercials, music videos, and makeup tutorials focused mainly on female subjects with 80’s computer graphics and manipulates them into glitch art onto computer and television screens.