October 2018 Monitor Programming

This month our monitor programming are all videos that were submitted to us without any sound because what’s a more perfect mood than silence for the month of Howl-o-ween – when sometimes no sound can be scariest sound of them all. But instead of going way way back to the bygone era of silent horror films we’re thinking of shooting forward into the new, a new month, a new age, the digital age. All included works deal with the new digital realm whether they’re meant to be screen savers, PSA’s (sort of) that take a closer (more critical) look into popular social media platforms, or whether they’re showing some BTS (behind the scenes) by manipulating the image that we take for granted. If it’s wasting time, hyper-masculinity, or even knowledge that scares you we’ve got something for everyone this month so check us out while you’re on campus!



Leah Corbin – 2014


2 Minute Rat screensaver.



Maya Gendusa – 2014




Hivyo Tete

Darryl Terrell – 2017


Hivyo Tete (Swahili for So Fragile) Coming from the social media hashtag #MasculinitySoFragile. I wanted to depict black men who are often looked at as hyper masculine, strong, etc, as some other then that, black men can, men in general can have softer side, men can have emotions, It’s my Visual way of say to men, but to black men specific that it’s ok to be fragile, it’s ok to feel weak at time, it ok.


Why Do I Even Bother? 

Riley Goss – 2017


Two hundred twenty-eight screenshots of Tinder users adorned with the Snapchat dog filter. I left-swiped all of them.


RGB Walk (Rainbow Vomit)

Riley Goss – 2017


Color channels offset by one frame, 8 fps, shot at 4 fps, 0.5 second shutter speed.



Olivia Johnson – 2018


Ambient video of a near past of physical media.