October 2019 Programming

In celebration and awe of ExFest, ExTV’s annual film festival made by students for students, we will be showcasing for the month of October a select few videos that didn’t make it into the screening but are still worth a watch!

Brief Encounter

Darcy Nicholson

Fish Tank

Haomin Peng

A fish tank is both a concept that fascinates me and a significant object of my lost childhood memories. By relating it to rectangles, screens and mirrors, I attempt to understand the act of seeing in this world.

The Setting Sun

Joyce Jiao

The Setting Sun is a WWII background story about a battleship, two men, and the sunset. The vision presented is only a beginning of a sorrowful story, and everything about it will be revealed soon.

How to substitute your sexual desires with printmedia practices

Emmanouil Dimitrakis

Experiencing a printmedia studio facilities could be an alternative way to experience sexual desires. Working on lithography, using the press, preparing the ink, cleaning could work as a substitution of sexual pleasures. This short film is a guide, or a small video tutorial, on those desperate artists, or not, whose sexual libido forces them to find alternative ways to get sexually satisfied.

Underground Pleasure

Qianwen Yu

In the work, we can see a group of virtual alien objects with industrial atmosphere on the broad terrain. In virtual scenes, through their own material reflections and re-reflections in the environment, the projected objects are already “ubiquitous virtual”. Excessive virtualization is blurring the boundaries between time and space.

Landscapes of Adolescence

Josh Cabalza

“Landscapes of Adolescence” acts as a diaristic exploration of the spaces from my childhood. Through the process of revisiting my past homes via Google Maps and apartment websites, comes a new clarity about growing up that could never be found in the places themselves.