“Playlist in No Romantic Order” Campus Monitor Programming

April 18, 2018 – Today, ExTV is showcasing a monitor exhibition, “Playlist in No Romantic Order,” featuring works from the Eric Fleischauer’s Video Everywhere class of spring 2018! Be sure to check it out today all over campus.

Dancing Man
Raksha Thakur – 2018

A elaborately adorned man dances expressively with fluid movements.


hyper intelligence fa·nat·i·cism
Stefan Flaton-Cvitanic – 2018

[hyper intelligence fa·nat·i·cism is #stalking please don’t stalk us #please]


Slow Down
Mallory Somera – 2018

A Bay Area Commute


Premonition of The Choke
Levi DeMatteo – 2018

 A wandering dialogue with a graver dream yet to arrive


Hyo Kim – 2018

 Cinematic video inspired and collaborated with Sienna Broglie’s performance piece.


Olivia Johnson – 2018

 Ambient video of a near past of physical media


Home Screen
Micco Caporale – 2018

It rubs the lotion on its screen


Cat Debacker – 2018

Captured at Spiral Jetty, Utah — I filmed my friend who was literally and figuratively stuck in the lake. This is my re-imagining of our mutual feelings on this moment.