Poly Play 2016


Poly Play 2016 was a one night only arcade gallery hosted in the LeRoy Neiman Center. The event opened with a 20 minute performance by ChanHee Choi (see bio below). Afterwards, attendees were invited to explore the market-style game gallery featuring games designed by SAIC students and alumni, and other Chicago-based indie game organizations. Poly Play was held on April 11th, 2016, and both conceptualized and curated by Dena Springer.

Participating Artists

ChanHee Choi (http://chaneec.com)

Graduating from the MFA Department of Fiber & Material Studies 2016, Chanhee Choi has been exploring gaming performances through theatrical costumes and gestures. Her recent body of work, 8-BIT BEBOP (https://vimeo.com/148775982), was the opening performance.

Nick Flaherty (https://vimeo.com/nickflaherty)

Thomas Newlands (http://thnewlands.github.io)

Thomas Newlands uses Unity, Processing, C#, and various engines/platforms to create games that use live bodies to control the artificial game world.

Peter Smyth (http://peter-smyth.com/games.html)

Peter Smyth is a sophomore at SAIC that dabbles both in the comics and indie games scenes of Chicago. Collaborating with Newlands, their most recent game called Limb Slingers is an odd and playful experience as the viewers take on the role of a bodiless monster, searching for a new body to become whole again.

Turnfollow (http://turnfollow.itch.io/littleparty)

While originally producing comics earlier in their career, both Ian Endlsey & Carter Chadwick (BFA 2014) make simulations that explore sweet and intimate themes. Their recent hit, Little Party, is a “short story video game about your daughter’s all-nighter party”.