Poly Play 2019 Official Lineup

Come to our 4th annual gaming event of the year! Poly Play is ExTV’s video arcade event that showcases some of SAIC’s best art games and new media works. This year, check out the latest video games and virtual reality installations, accompanied by a curated animation screening and free food and drinks. Poly Play will occur on Thursday, March 21, on the first floor of the Neiman Center.

Video Games

Highschool Dodgeball (2018) – Trevor Hormel

It’s dodgeball, dodge the ball and what not, also sitting.

Home Movies (2019) – Bryan LeBeuf

Combining 3D animation, documentary film, and real-time game mechanics, Home Movies, uses collective memory to remember and rebuild neighborhoods within my hometown of Detroit, MI. The collective memory of the community is materialized through interviews, archival footage, and dialogues with my family and other close members of my community. Home Movies deliberately straddles documentary and narrative, playing to the nebulous nature of memory. Each chapter’s interactive scenes are composites of 3D environments, musical pieces, and personal-historic vignettes (both film, and animation) guiding the participants through the entanglement of the post-industrial spaces. This project seeks to offer the interactive experience of both a novel and a video game.

plant simulator (2018) – Unyimeabasi Udoh

A plant simulator. Easier than an orchid, harder than a philodendron.

am i hOME (2018) – María Fernanda & Soffiah Decena

A young girl navigates through familiar spaces that quickly become less and less familiar as her stuffed rabbit is up to mischief.

Anodyne 2: Return to Dust (2019) – Sean Han Tani & Marina Kittaka

In Analgesic Productions’s upcoming game, play as Nova, the Nano Cleaner, who is tasked with collecting dangerous Nano Dust growing throughout New Theland, which then must be returned for recycling to a mysterious entity, only known as the “Center”. Sean Han Tani (Experimental Game Lab Instructor) is the Director of Analgesic Productions. Follow updates on Twitter at @sean_htch.

Virtual Reality

EXULANSIS (2019) – Rafa Rivas (@GROOVY.WAV)


Buoyant (2019) – Insun Kang

Buoyant is an interactive virtual environment that invites users to reflect on how perception shapes our understanding of reality. The rigid boundaries become fragile and permeable, and each action becomes part of the obscure logic of the virtual space. The design of the space is inspired by an abstracting painting by Hilma af Klint.

what r u watching? (2018) – Shuheng Fu

An immersive VR video sequence shows the online/social life experience.

Sunday Afternoon (2018) – Shuheng Fu

An immersive video sequence shows a man browsing through instastories at a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Do Not Disturb (2018) – Mindy Lee | 2 min 6 sec

A self portrait from the internet age.

The Crowd Is Untruth (2017) – Zachary Harwood | 3 min 1 sec

Inspired By Kierkegaard’s Text, The Crowd Is Untruth, This Video Work Utilizes Motion Capture Data To Explore The Grim Essence Of Herds In Our Contemporary, Tech-Influenced Age.

stairs (2018) – Harrison Wyrick & Parker Davis | 58 sec

A man falls repeatedly down a flight of stairs, encountered by unwanted strangers. What a terrible fate.

Creating (Creator) (2019) – Tyler Liegmann | 1 min 14 sec

A short poem on our role as “creators.”

foxconn.tv (2015) – Hsin-Yu Lin | 4 min

Foxconn.tv is a seamless video loop that gives you a tour to Foxconn CEO, Terry Guo’s dream. The dream is made up by both utopian and dystopian fantasies, mixing science fiction imaginations of the West with the contemporary reality of Chinese electronic manufacturing industries.

Exhibited at 2016 Crosstalk Video Art Festival, Budapest, Hungary and featured on Vassar Review and Creator’s Project.

The Hell (2015) – Chanhee Choi | 3 min

Happyplace (2018) – Joey Starling|3mins

A combination of elements of personal joy, mashed together to produce a bundle of visual happiness and laid beside beloved sounds.

After, if we were Mermaids (2018) – Kristina Tokar | 2 min 24 sec

Imagining a post-human world, where humans had stayed and colonized the oceans instead of land.

Gender After Consciousness (2018) – Anneli Goeller |6 min 33 sec

Orchid AKA @digitalqueer is a digital avatar through which Anneli Goeller AKA @s3lf13star performs an alternate identity. In an ongoing confession, Orchid uses their self-image to lure viewers into their universe. After they are entrapped they are forced to hear Orchid’s position as a queer, nonbinary person.

Interrupted (2018) – Sarah Banks | 3mins 5sec

She’s just trying to figure it all out.

Unwearable Functional Garments II (2010) – Heejoo Kim | 5 min

Unwearable functional garments II: for three princesses is a single channel 3-d animation based on portraying the redesigned and reconstructed garments for three princesses: The Little Mermaid, Snow White, and Cinderella. They are the fairy tale characters who have their own dilemmas. The motion of fabric and design of garments reflect their predicaments and longings. The garments are synthetic and unwearable, but simultaneously they are delivering their fervent perplexity through artificial organic forms and gestures. Each garment is expanding and contracting. They are inhaling and exhaling, and floating and emitting. I specifically conceptualize the sentimental aspects of the stories. The sound track starts with a voice of little child from the classic opening words, “once upon a time…,” and gradually reveals the part of the stories we have hardly paid attention to. I chose excerpts from the sentences and words that manifest the crucial contents of the each fairy tale. In this piece, I re meditated the sorrow and serenity of the stories by manipulating imagination.